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Beautiful Impressions Skin Care, Skin Care, Petersburg, MI

For years, I have dealt with many allergies, especially as I grew older. Things that didn’t bother me as a child have an effect on me now.  Products with preservatives play havoc on my body. Makeup was not given a thought because an application would cause facial swelling. I would walk into a patient’s room and have an asthma attack because of their perfume. The reason was simple--it was due to the toxins they contained. 

Nursing for 40 years had an advantage-it provided me with a vast amount of information regarding sensitivities and care. Studies have shown an increasing number of allergens that are becoming more detrimental to our bodies. I knew I needed to find a healthy, hypoallergenic, low hazard way to get myself back on track and help those with the same problem. A decision was made to give birth to a website that would provide safe answers for all involved.

Beautiful Impressions Skin Care was created with purity in mind, for those who are allergic and sensitive to an array of chemicals. People who have asthma, emphysema , reactive airway disease or COPD, are massively aware of how allergens affect their breathing. Others, with skin sensitivity, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and severe skin dryness, due to conditions such as diabetes, are aware of reactions from allergens and recognize the difficulties of maintaining healthy skin. Beautiful Impressions Skin Care provides a safe haven for all of those involved.   

Not only are our products researched for their natural and organic authenticity, eco friendliness, cruelty free associations and low hazard properties, which have been evaluated by www.cosmeticdatabase.com., they are also given a final test. I use the products I receive on myself. If I am sensitive to a product, YOU WILL NOT SEE THE PRODUCT ON THE WEBSITE.

Our Mission is simple: "To ensure sustainability, keep the site green and at the same time, maintain the needs of the customer, buy providing them with high quality, healthy, hypoallergenic, low hazard natural and organic skin care products, that will allow them to enhance their natural beauty."

Beautiful Impressions Skin Care vows to continually supply you with High Quality and Environmentally Friendly, Natural and Organic Skin Care Products, with YOUR SKIN CARE NEEDS and YOUR SECURE ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE in MIND!

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