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Organic Everyday Moisturizer/Brittanie's Thyme

Organic Everyday Moisturizer/Brittanie's Thyme

Organic Everyday Moisturizer/Brittanie's Thyme
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For all skin types. Provides natural antioxidants along with vitamin E to give gentle, yet effective, protection from dryness while encouraging skin's suppleness. Absorbs quickly, leaving a velvety feel.

2oz Bottle

How to Use: Place two to three drops in hands, apply all over face and neck area massaging until absorbed.

Ingredients: Organic aloe gel, organic (refined) coconut oil, 100% natural glycerin, organic rice bran, vitamin E, organic rosemary extract, organic geranium essential oil, organic sweet orange essential oil.

Gluten Free/Vegan

Ingridients Explanation

Aloe—helps to restore the acid pH needed for healthy skin. Offers the properties of an astringent encouraging the pores to close which is helpful with blemish issues. Promotes rehydration for healthier looking skin.

Coconut Oil—prevents destructive free-radical formation and provides protection against them. Helps reestablish the skin's natural antimicrobial and acid barrier. Psoriasis and eczema conditions have seen improvements with this oil.

100% Natural Vegetable Glycerin—hypoallergenic. Invaluable as an emollient which softens and soothes the skin while helping it to retain moisture. Draws oxygen into the skin which also aids in younger looking skin. Aids in preventing breakouts, keeping pores clear and speeds up healing. A natural preservative, increasing shelf life of product.

Rice Bran—hypoallergenic botanical. Used as an emulsifier/emollient. Contains antioxidants, a high level of Vitamin E as well as many nutrients.

Rosemary Extract—contains more than two dozen antioxidants. Neutralizes multiple number of free radicals. Wonderful natural preservative.

Geranium Essential Oil—antibacterial benefits. Increases circulation to improve skin tone.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil—anti-inflammatory to help with puffiness. Promotes blood flow and brings a natural radiance to the skin surface.

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